How would you like to find every potential missed bet from every cash game hand you've played?

Ace Poker Coach is a virtual poker coach that will analyze and review every potential missed value bet,
profitable bluffing opportunity, and risky bet you've ever made.

What is Ace Poker Coach?


Incredibly insightful advice requires an incredibly advanced knowhow. Our award winning poker AI engine (has won 2nd and 1st place in back to back years at AAAI Computer Poker Competitions) achieves this through adaptive learning, and mathematical modeling. Ace Poker Coach uses advanced pattern recognition to help you discover how to optimize your playing style based not only on your cards and position, but also on your opponents.

Objective, mathematically sound betting strategies can only get you so far. If you want to step it up, you will need a better understanding of the subtleties involved and this is where Ace Poker Coach excels. Locating profitable bluffing opportunities, and advanced post flop strategies in order to maximize the EV (expected value of every situation). Ace Poker Coach will help you learn optimal bet sizing, bluffing spots, and slim value calls you are likely missing today.

What does this mean for you? You will get in a short period of time the sort of knowledge that established poker players need a lifetime to acquire.


Based on an award winning poker AI (AAAI Computer Poker Competitions)

Learn how to maximize value with step by step detailed advice for every play and street.

Identifies 7 different player archetypes for your opponents, based on betting patterns, Statistics, and known hands

Shows you where you missed EV (expected value) and where you risked too much money

Shows you how to adapt your style based on your opponent's betting patterns

Gives you an accurate description of your own table image based on your own betting patterns

Create custom AI poker bots that can be hyper aggressive or super passive

Compete against many types of common opponents you'd see in real online poker games as of today.