Initial Beta Release Launch of Ace Poker Coach

Ace Poker Coach Beta Released

After only four years in development, yes that's Four with a capital F, Ace Poker Coach is finally soft launched for beta purchase. It's been a long time coming and everyone involved has done an amazing job!

It's always easier said then done, but the teamwork and strategies used to streamline the complexities of development were amazing. Congratulations to everyone involved. 

We look forward to the APC AI competing against all no-limit AI and smashing the competition!

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Training Menu Added

Specific Scenario Training Quizzes Added

It's long been on the development list, but quiz style training has finally been added to APC. It will place the user in a number of complex training situations and allow them to test themselves in the same situation over and over.  

APC will grade each play, track scores, and provide detailed advice on why one play is better than another in each situation.

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Top Winners Tracked

Results for Top Winner Tracked

After every session completed in Ace Poker Coach, results are uploaded to our servers. Users can see how their winnings compare to other players.

Top results are sorted by month, year, and lifetime. Results are sortable by total dollars won, or by win-rate.

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