Based on an award winning poker AI (AAAI Computer Poker Competitions)

Placing 2nd, and then 1st place in back to back years in the annual AAAI-12 artificial intelligence competitions held in Canada, the original Ace Poker Coach AI engine crushed it's competition. The ability to profitably bluff, and call down against other AI teams hand ranges separated the APC AI from it's competitors.

Shows you how to adapt your style based on your opponent's betting patterns

Ace Poker Coach looks for betting patterns based on sizing, hand range, and weighted equity distribution of hands to find the highest EV lines as advice. Based on hands from millions of winning players, and static tree advice, Ace Poker Coach will search for all possible profitable poker lines and advise you based on the highest recommend advice, and secondary advice lines.

Learn how to maximize value with step by step detailed advice for every play and street.

Each recommended play always has basic advice alongside with recommended bet sizing. Advanced detailed advice is provided for hundreds of poker situations to ensure that you understand why Ace Poker Coach is offering the advice it's providing.

Gives you an accurate description of your own table image based on your own betting patterns

Based on how aggressive or passive you are at the tables, or the kinds of post flop lines you take, Ace Poker Coach provides a table image for you, and your opponents at the table.

Identifies 7 different player archetypes for your opponents, based on betting patterns, statistics, and known hands

Loose Aggressive (LAG), Tight Aggressive, (TAG), Fish, Whale, Gambler, Tight TAG (NIT),  and Bad TAG (Weak Regular) are common poker archetypes that are modeled in Ace Poker Coach. Each player archetype has certain playing characteristics that will match poker players you've played against in real life games.

Create custom AI poker bots that can be hyper aggressive or super passive

Create your own poker bot, and customize how aggressive they are, how much they 3-bet pre-flop, 4-bet, continuation bet, and more. Name them and add them to any of your tables to play against them. Create a table full of maniac players, or super passive fish. Whatever kind of player or game you want to train against is possible in Ace Poker Coach.

Shows you where you missed EV (expected value) and where you risked too much money

You can easily review your sessions against Ace Poker Coach and have it analyze where you risked too much money with non-optimal bet sizing, or you missed EV by not betting enough, or not at all. Each play will be highlighted, and hands that contain the most potential errors will be tagged and place at the top of your list for easy review.

Compete against many types of common opponents you'd see in real online poker games as of today.

Unlike any other poker AI, Ace Poker Coach looks to train you to beat today's tougher no-limit texas holdem poker games. It looks for narrow EV plays and makes sure you are maximizing the value of your hands in each situation. Using advanced plays and creative lines, Ace Poker Coach will train you to think like a top pro so you'll have the confidence to compete in today's poker games.

Track your results against other Players

Each session you play is tracked and recorded online. You can check your results against other players training with Ace Poker Coach. Top results are shown for each month, each year, and lifetime.

Repetitively train in specific situation

Place yourself in difficult specific pre-flop, and post flop situations in a quiz style format. Test yourself repetitively in the same situation until you understand and master that situation. 3-bet Bluff, 4-bet Bluff, profitable floating spots, float re-steal, double barrel bluff,  slim value betting, and more. Ace Poker Coach will put you to the test!

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